Freelance CRA

Looking for a freelance CRA in Belgium?

Are you looking for a freelance CRA in Belgium? We provide the most professional and dedicated freelance CRAs you can think of. Starting from a 0,1 FTE to 1 FTE. Site vitists are possible all over Belgium so our freelance CRAs are up for any job you throw at them!

Who We Are

Phoenix Clinical Research is a young and dynamic company, specialized in set up and guidance of clinical trials. We provide freelance CRAs in Belgium. Phoenix Clinical Research is dedicated to conducting clinical trials that accurately measure the safety and efficacy of its candidate drugs. The company abides to set high standards in conducting its clinical research and in due course, provide patients and their physicians with the information they need to make informed treatment decisions.

The Clinical Research Associate “monitors” the research procedure and ensures that researcher’s follow the proper clinical trial protocol at all times to obtain the correct data. The CRA also controls that these processes are performed in line with regulations of the food and drug administration, FDA and Good Clinical Practice, GCP.

We can work for pharmaceuticals and biotechnology companies as well as for CROs or independent organizations.

Our Skills

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  • Feasibility, start up and recruitment 85%
  • Mentoring and developing junior CRAs 75%
  • Quality assurance and audit preparation and support 75%
  • Regulatory and EC communications 75%
  • Site monitoring services 95%
  • Site staff training 85%
  • Trial master file maintenance 75%

Our Team

Looking for a professional and dedicated Freelance CRA in Belgium?

Contact us and find out about our extensive service list.

  • Site monitoring services
  • Feasibility, start up and recruitment
  • Site staff training